Understanding NFC and business cards

Mar 16, 2023
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Contactless technologies, or Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies, are methods of linking physical devices and appliances over very short distances. NFC is a useful technology for transferring information, and business cards are an excellent way of communicating with other people. If you’re wondering how to tell if your business card is NFC-enabled, let’s take a look at what NFC is, and how to use it in your business card.

What is NFC?

NFC is a contactless technology that enables connected physical devices to exchange information at very short distances, usually less than 10 cm. This technology is used to simplify the information transfer process, and is very practical for sharing sensitive information such as pin codes, passwords, etc.

How to use NFC for business cards?

Business cards can be fitted with an NFC badge that enables the person to whom they are given to access information about the person who issued them. This badge can contain information such as the person’s name and e-mail address, and can even be programmed to open a specific mobile application or web page. The badge can also be programmed to function as a QR code, enabling users to scan the code and access additional information.

How do you know if your business card is NFC-enabled?

Most professional printers offer business cards with integrated NFC badges. If you don’t know your printer, you can always check the back of the business card. NFC badges are generally easy to recognize, as they are dome-shaped and usually printed in black. NFC badges can also be programmed to act as QR codes, displaying a barcode or QR code on the back of the card.

NFC can be a very useful tool for business cards, and knowing how to identify an NFC badge can help you find out if your business card is compatible with this technology. By checking the back of the card, or asking your printer, you can find out whether your business card is NFC-enabled.

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